Wrinkle-Free Treatment

What is the treatment:

The treatment temporarily weakens the muscles responsible for developing folds in the skin.  This treatment lasts approximately 3 – 6 months dependent on individual response.

Clients should avoid taking aspirin , anti-inflammatory or cod liver oil medicines prior to the treatment to avoid excess bruising. Clients would be advised to avoid this treatment if they have had problems in the past with wrinkle relaxing injections.

Wrinkle-Free Treatment

Areas Treated:

  • Glabellar (vertical lines between eyebrows)
  • Frontalis (forehead)
  • Crows Feet (around the eyes)
  • Bunny Lines (wrinkles at the side of the nose)
  • Lip Corner (depressor muscles)
  • Mentalis (prevention of chin raising and puckering)
  • wrinkles)

How much does the treatment cost?:

1 area of treatment is £150, 2 areas are £175 and 3 areas  £200.

After the treatment:

Effects generally seen 2 – 3 days after treatment, however allow 30 days for the full effect.  Post treatment information will be given following treatment. Clients advised not to fly for 24 hours after treatment and avoid using a sauna or gym for the rest of the day.  Client also advised to avoid wearing make up for 4 hours after treatment.

Booking your treatment:

All our treatments are available to book via our booking line, Facebook or by calling 07581212011 or 01983 857131

At least three months must pass between the treatments.